A new window tint can elevate your older-model car from serviceable to brag-worthy. Our client Gabriel came through the shop to upgrade his Ford Fiesta with our most popular line of vinyl window film, the LLumar Enhance Style ATC. The ATC Series from LLumar is known as a “high-performance window tint” aimed at long-lasting appearances that enhance the style of a vehicle. Performance-wise, the product provides more than 99 percent protection from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays.

We put a 5-percent shade on the Fiesta’s rear window, with a 30-percent shade on the front windows, keeping his eyes free of the road’s glare while providing extra solar protection and security for his belongings in the backseat. Thanks to our quick and professional installation staff, Gabriel was tinted and back on the road in no time. Thanks for stopping by, Gabriel!

Mass Coverage


The Window Tintz team loves a challenge, and we loved working on the great window coverage on the Ford Fiesta. The end result looks phenomenal — and the project serves as a reminder that no window tint project is too large to do right and do well.

tinted-ford-fiesta2  tinted-ford-fiesta4

The Eyes Don’t Deceive

These shots taken from the Fiesta’s interior give a good indication of the difference the window tint makes for the naked eye, when looking beyond the car windows, compared with looking through them. Luis made a good selection on the side windows, as you can see very clearly through the tinted windows yet still maintain visual clarity to ensure safe driving conditions.



It’s All in the Details

Window Tintz team members are highly trained and highly skilled at installing window tinting to vehicles. They have to be, as Window Tintz offers a Lifetime Warranty.

All told, when the car was done Luis will enjoy a cooler interior, reducing energy consumption because his air conditioning won’t have to be used as often — a huge consideration in hot Southern California and the Greater Los Angeles area. His car also will protect the interior’s upholstery from long-term dryness and damage, and also most importantly the passengers inside. Lastly, this window tint job clearly provides a lot more privacy inside the vehicle, and helps obscure vision into the car to hopefully deter would-be thieves.

tinted-ford-fiesta6 tinted-ford-fiesta7 tinted-ford-fiesta8 tinted-ford-fiesta9 tinted-ford-fiesta10 tinted-ford-fiesta11 tinted-ford-fiesta12    tinted-ford-fiesta16 tinted-ford-fiesta17

Another Happy Customer!


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