Do you have a specialty window tinting job? Window Tintz has you covered. This client works as a private detective, but his Honda Civic was not private enough for his needs. When you don’t want to be noticed, a standard window just won’t do.

To help, we gave this Civic the limo treatment. The limo tint is the darkest shade we offer, providing our client with the privacy and security he needs when on a stakeout, or slowly cruising streets looking for clues. Whether you’re looking for a standard window tint to keep out the sun or a special tint for your business, Window Tintz has the perfect vinyl window tint film to match your needs.

Another Happy Customer


Working with a very dark window tint shade, and on all the windows, requires care and precision. The Window Tintz team, with training and more than 10 years of experience, overlooks no detail during installation. It’s mandatory — we offer a Lifetime Warranty. The installation process is enormously important toward beautiful and long-lasting window tinting.

honda-civic2 honda-civic3 honda-civic4 honda-civic5  honda-civic7

Exceptional End Result

These final shots really indicate the thoroughness of the limo tint. In some shots you can hardly see through the glass at all. The limo tint is an exceptional choice for privacy — and of course it still provides excellent protection from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. In this case, the detective could end up spending a lot of time in this car. Now he’s protected from the sunshine as well as from prying eyes. In the long run he’ll save on energy, too, as the car’s interior will be cooler and the air conditioning button can be left alone more often.

The shots of the driver’s and passenger-side front windows are revealing — not so much for what you can see through them, but for the impact the deep dark color has on the overall appearance of the car. While that was not the client’s ultimate goal, it’s what was delivered when the dark charcoal-colored windows meshed with the dark paint job.

honda-civic8 honda-civic9 honda-civic10 honda-civic11