Here’s another great job from the Window Tintz team, this time showcasing a customer’s Hyundai Sonata. When the client brought this vehicle in, the car was completely free of window tint, leaving the driver to fight glare and extra environmental heat.

We installed our high-quality Enhanced Style line of LLumar window film giving this Sonata the perfect blend of style and protection. On the rear windows we installed a 5-percent shade, giving the back seat a little more privacy than the rest of the car. On the front windows, we installed a 15-percent shade tint, allowing the driver to reduce visible glare while still maintaining clear vision of everything on and around the road.

As you can see from these before and after photos, our technicians’ attention to detail ensures a beautiful tint, even with different darkness levels on the car windows.


Hyundai Sonata Rims
Hyundai Sonata Window Tint
Hyundai Sonata Blacked Out
Hyundai Sonata Window Tint


Hyundai Sonata Window Tint
Hyundai Sonata Window Tint
Hyundai Llumar
Hyundai Window Tinting

The Process – and End Result

Hyundai Window Tint

Trained Window Tint Technicians at Work

Every motorist in Southern California is aware of window tinting. But not everyone has witnessed or experienced the window tint work in action. A lot goes into a solid, professional window tint job, from choosing the right tint vinyl product for the vehicle, measurements, preparations, placement, de-bubbling, cutting and more. Too many of us have seen shoddy window tint jobs, full of bubbles or peeling from the edges. Careful attention to detail — always engaged by the Window Tintz team — ensures a long-lasting, blemish-free appearance.

Hyundai Tint
Hyundai Sonata Window Tint
Hyundai Sonata Tuning
Hyundai Sonata Window Tint
Hyundai Sonata Custom

End Result

The Hyundai Sonata is a nice car, especially newer models. Believe it or not the South Korean car manufacturer has been making the Sonata model since 1985. The mid-sized car has grown a bit more stylish over the years; notice the smiley-face grill and elongated headlamps, among other details. With the tinted windows this Sonata has just that much more style, adding to the cooler interior and saved energy that good window tint jobs deliver.