Playa Vista is one of the most desirable areas of Los Angeles. Residents of this picturesque part of the city can look forward to increased real estate value in the future and can enjoy the lovely town and its mild weather almost each and every day of the year. However the same weather you love might be causing problems for your residence.

If you own a house or condo in Playa Vista, you owe it to your residence to make sure the property is protected against sun damage. Indeed damage caused by sunlight is a very real threat to your Playa Vista home’s interior. Sunshine slowly but steadily fades the flooring of your property, damaging wood, carpeting, and other surfaces alike. It fades and discolors bedding and upholstery, and it can wash out and ruin photos adorning the walls.

With window film, you will block most of the harmful portions of the sun’s spectrum without blocking the bright, pleasant light you want in your Playa Vista home. Window film stops up to 99% of the ultraviolet light that leads to the worst sun fading and bleaching, but it lets in plenty of sunlight, though a reduced glare. That makes screens easier to see and rooms generally more pleasant.

And while Playa Vista usually sees mild heat even on sunny days thanks to its location near the Ocean, the summer days can be hot, especially inside the home. Infrared solar energy causes interior warming that often means need to use AC systems. This drains lots of energy and runs up the power bill. With window tint Playa Vista homes stay cool and comfortable and are less expensive to maintain. This is also true in the cooler months when you might experience rather colder temperatures in Playa Vista: home window film adds a layer of insulation to the glass windows that helps to preserve interior temperatures, whether that means keeping the home cool or warm.

Most Playa Vista window film installations pay for themselves in just a year or so.