Given the wide range of laws that govern this great nation, you might wonder if it’s legal to tint the windows on your semi-truck. What might be fine in one state could be problematic in another. Thankfully the federal government has set clear guidelines through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration for commercial motor vehicles. Your semi-truck can have a tint on its front and side windows as long as it does not block more than 70 percent of normal light.

This standard includes many of our most popular window films, from traditional tints to clear UV films that block out glare and heat without a visible color. This is great news for drivers who spend thousands of hours a year behind the wheel. Constant exposure to the sun can cause long-term damage to a driver’s skin.

Consider the case of a 69-year-old delivery truck driver covered in the New England Journal of Medicine, show below. He drove a truck for 28 years, and you can see the difference between the skin on the left side of his face and the right. Ultraviolet (UV) damage prematurely ages your face and makes you more susceptible to skin cancer.

trucker-damage-face_webBeyond protecting the long-term health of your drivers from UV light, window tint offers other safety benefits, including reducing distracting glare and reinforcing your windows should a wreck ever occur. With our affordable range of options, we’ll be able to find the perfect window tint film for your ride whether you’re an owner-operator or have a fleet.

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