Wow, another great find on Yelp! I was fortunate enough to come across these guys while searching Yelp! for a tint installer closer to my house. I usually take my cars out to my usual spot in Northridge, but I was curious to see if I could find something closer to home. Window Tintz was the jackpot. Ever since getting my first generation Volt a couple of years back, I have become a firm believer in ceramic tint. It just seems to keep my cars cooler inside, even though it comes at a premium price wise. My typical tint of choice is the Llumar CTX film. After calling through the list of vendors close by, I finally came across these guys and I was blown away by everything from the initial call setting up the appointment, to taking advantage of their Yelp! deal and finally the quality of work. I set up an appointment and received a text confirming the time and agreed upon tint work and price. This is far removed from the typical tint place that quotes you one thing on the phone and then tries to upsell you at time of service. That was definitely not the case here. I arrived early for my appointment and the techs Daniel and Daniel were quick to greet me and take my car in. While one Daniel began prepping the car, the other Daniel walked me through the choices and colors one more time to make sure I had the exact look I wanted on my car. They have a fantastic little sitting lounge with water and snacks and offer free Wi-Fi while you wait for your car to finish up. Not that you will be waiting long anyway, these guys wrapped up my car in just over an hour and I could not have been any more happy with the look. Payment was taken care of quickly and I was on my way. I will post pictures for everyone to see soon, but trust that these guys will get you the look you want at the right price! Thanks again!!

Yelp Review from Sean M. of Los Angeles, California
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