Proving that we tint cars of any brand, make or model — from trucks to SUVs to even supercars — here’s the end result of our window tinting work on a Lamborghini. The Italian luxury sports car is not a common sight on American roadways; and our Window Tintz team was thrilled to work on its tinted windows. This model is sleek; you can see Lamborghini does not round the lines like other sports car competitors such as Porsche. With its exaggerated headlamps and side vents, plus the crisp lines of its body outline and other details, we were awestruck to be doing a project to supplement the visual impact. And none of this has anything to do with the V10 or V12 engines that power the mid-engine two-seat sports car. (Too bad window tint jobs don’t require test drives upon project completion).

So where do we begin? Automotive windows need especial care when it comes to window tinting. You want to protect your interior from the elements, but not obscure vision at night so the driver can’t navigate or lose sight of what’s ahead. Car windows are especially vulnerable to extreme temperatures, sunlight, heat, UV rays, breaking and entering, and just simple accidents. Of this list, window tinting addresses four of them: it lowers temperatures and heat inside the vehicle, and helps block the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays from heating passengers and causing long-term damage to upholstery.

This owner chose to complement the vehicle’s dark grey paint job with pretty dark side window tinting, then letting in a little more light on the windshield which is pretty typical for the reasons outlined above. The end result was a very modern-looking vehicle that appears ultra-cool to those seeing it from the outside, and a nice, private, shaded and protected feeling from the inside. When you consider how few Lamborghinis are produced each year — only 1,711 in 2011 — our team felt very special indeed to have an opportunity to work on this vehicle.