In order to enjoy living in your home, you strive to design and decorate its interior the best way possible. Each home is different, and every homeowner has their own preferences when designing and choosing each piece of furniture and décor that goes into their homes.

Being a good neighbor means having a good relationship with those who live next door or in the neighboring areas. You need to make sure that you do not cause any undue damages to your neighbor’s property. That is why it is important to be aware of what can cause damage to the homes next door.

One of the possible causes of damage is the light reflecting from your windows, which can melt a vinyl home. Here are some tips about vinyl siding windows and what can cause vinyl distortion or warp vinyl sidings.

Overview of Vinyl Sidings

Vinyl sidings are affordable decorative and protective options for your home. They are long strips of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), and siding acts as your house’s tough second skin. Aesthetically, they can also improve your home’s appearance and give it a traditional wood-like exterior.

Depending on the quality and material, vinyl siding lifespan can vary. If needed, there are videos on how to replace vinyl siding available online that you can follow.

Disadvantages of Vinyl Sidings

If you have vinyl siding windows, a lot of things can go wrong. Aside from causing distorted vinyl, depending on how handy you are, it might not be that easy for you to replace them when needed. Videos about DIY vinyl siding repair can only go so far to address issues that require the expertise of a professional.

One threat to vinyl siding windows are the sunlight’s reflection coming from your neighbor’s home. Vinyl siding windows can even melt when the temperature is high. Direct sunlight is not necessarily enough to melt your vinyl siding windows, but if you have a neighbor who has energy efficient windows, this could be problematic.

Energy efficient windows deflect heat from a home and eventually redirects it towards another direction. Unfortunately, some of these heat can be redirected towards your vinyl siding windows.

Preventing Vinyl Siding Melting and Distortion

To prevent vinyl siding windows from melting, there are preventative solutions that you can choose from. As a good neighbor, ensure that your window does not melt the house next door. It is recommended that you install window films on your windows.

Turf Guard Window Films can prevent vinyl sidings from melting and warping. Be a good neighbor. Find out how to stop your window from melting your neighbor’s house.