Love your car? Then you should Love Your Tint!

The owner of this BMW 535i chose to have us install LLumar Window Film because of the company’s reputation for durability, heat rejected, and that factory-finish charcoal look. It was important for the owner to add to the already existing aesthetic beauty of the vehicle, part of BMW’s 5 Series and considered the predecessor to the sports sedan BMW M5. Of the 5 Series offerings by BMW, the 535i is popular for its sporty look as a sedan, as well as for providing relatively good fuel economy even with pretty good oomph from its inline 6-cylinder engine.

Let’s explore interesting elements not only for the car, but also for the window tint job applied to it.

The End Result

Bmw Window Tint

When this BMW rolled off our lot, its shiny darkened windows made it look like a “new person” — with a definitive changed exterior appearance. The dark shade selected by the owner really contrasted well with the light white paint, and lines of the car. Clearly this is an owner who appreciates fine details for his vehicle, right down to the air freshener hanging from the rear-view mirror to protect the overall driving experience.

The Work Leading Up

Bmw 335 Window Tint

Above: A great shot showing how the windshield, pre-tinting, allowed a lot of light and sunshine into the vehicle’s interior. Once tinted, the owner will enjoy less glare, fewer ultraviolet (UV) rays, and protection for his interior and upholstery. Not to mention energy savings, because window tinting cools a car’s interior, meaning less need to run the air conditioning.

Bmw 535i window tint

“USC Dude” went with really darkened rear and back windows, providing a strong privacy element for the inside.

Bmw 535i tint

Above: a great shot showing the longer hood and coupe-like roofline on the BMW 535i compared with preceding models. Also notice the really modern lower front bumper design.


BMW 535i Sedan Window Tint
The BMW 535i with all windows professionally tinted conveys style, substance and, ultimately, success.