XPEL Paint Protection Film

The paintwork of your new auto has a sheen that is enviable, but with time, the gloss will begin to wear off, even if you wax your car every day. There are several reasons for this. Road debris that is tossed by the vehicles in front of you, bird droppings and bug splatter are few of the many culprits that cause paint damage. Even if you keep your car squeaky clean and ensure you get regular paint touch-ups done, the damage will begin the moment you take your car onto the road. So, that perfect original paintwork that you used to admire and cherish will be a thing of the past unless you use XPEL paint protection film.

What is XPEL Paint Protection Film?
The paintwork on the body of your car needs a protection that will keep and protect its original beauty intact. You can achieve this by coating the painted surfaces with a transparent and technologically advanced polyurethane film that bonds safely with the paint and does not crack, peel, blister or turn an ugly yellow with time.

XPEL paint protection film is 100 percent safe and can be easily removed too, but who would want to do that considering that the film offers guaranteed protection for up to 10 years?

Types of XPEL Paint Protection Film
There are several types of XPEL paint protection films to suit every requirement. Each type comes with a unique advantage and this allows you to select the film based on your needs to protect the paintwork of your car.

• XPEL Ultimate: This clear and invisible film ensures the re-sale value of your vehicle by protecting the paintwork from extensive damage. XPEL Ultimate has many unique features, including advanced optical clarity, resistant to stains and self-healing properties.

• XPEL Stealth: If your vehicle has a satin paint wrap, then you need XPEL Stealth. It has a satin finish that showcases the original factory paint of your car without detracting it from its beauty.

• XPEL Tracwrap: For a temporary solution that can protect the paint of your vehicle, opt for XPEL Tracwrap. It can be applied in merely 45 minutes and you can remove it under five minutes. It will keep the paint on your car good as new, for years to come.

• XPEL Xtreme: If you want a polyurethane protective film that does not hinder the look and feel of your car’s paint, XPEL Xtreme is perfect. It does not have any texture and this enhances its optical clarity after application.

• XPEL Armor: When going off-roading, one of the major problems is road debris being tossed at your vehicle and damaging the paintwork. With XPEL Armor, you have the perfect protection. This film is 0.013 inches thick and is also perfect for industrial vehicles.

XPEL paint protection film ensures the factory finish of your car’s paintwork is maintained and this, in turn, boosts the look and feel of your car while maximizing its re-sale value. So, go ahead and choose the type you think suits your needs and marvel at the protection it offers.