Window Tintz has long been the leading installer of vehicle window tint in Florida, specializing in all sorts of custom auto window film and vinyl wrap applications for all sorts of types of automobile. In recent years, we have also offered our customers a new product: Ceramic Pro. This cutting edge nano-ceramic coating formula is fast becoming our most popular offering thanks to the amazing vehicle exterior protection Ceramic Pro offers. Applied as a liquid, Ceramic Pro hardens to create a thin, transparent, but amazingly strong and resilient barrier that stands between your vehicle’s paint, vinyl wrap, and window glass, protecting the exterior from water spots, solar fading, chemical stains and discoloration, physical scratches and abrasions, and the slow but steady wear and tear a car’s exterior experiences during years and years out there on the road.

Located in the Orlando area, Window Tintz provides customized Ceramic Pro coating for Florida drivers from up and down the state. We use the latest tools and techniques and guarantee the quality of our automotive coating services and products. When you coat your car with Ceramic Pro from Window Tintz, you can rest assured that your vehicle will be protected against myriad sources of cosmetic damage and will retain more value well into the future. Your car, truck, or SUV will also look great right from day one, enjoying a glossy, like-new appearance thanks to the fresh coat of Ceramic Pro that sheds water, resists dirt and grime, and sparkles in the sunlight.

Ceramic Pro Price In Orlando FL

Window Tintz is a custom vehicle enhancement company; no two jobs we take on are exactly alike because no two customers are exactly the same. Thus we don’t offer fixed rates for our services, and this is true for tinting, wraps, and Ceramic Pro applications. The cost of Ceramic Pro varies based on the make, model, and condition of your car, truck, or SUV, and also based on the type of coating package you choose. We will gladly give you an estimate for your Ceramic Pro application price if you will just take a moment to fill out the form on our site. Or you can always call us up or stop by the shop. What we can tell you for sure is that the cost of Ceramic Pro for Orlando area drivers is much less expensive than the price of getting a brand new paint job or vehicle wrap, something a protective coating of Ceramic Pro will help you avoid ever needing.

Ceramic Pro Gold Package In Orlando, FL 

Window Tintz customers choose the Ceramic Pro Gold Package more than any other Ceramic Pro products because the Ceramic Pro gold treatment essentially means lifelong vehicle exterior protection. The Gold Package consists of four separate coats of Ceramic Pro 9H applied over the entire body of the vehicle, each of which reinforces the barrier protecting the paint or color wrap against scratches, stains, water damage, corrosion, and fading. Over these coats of Ceramic Pro 9H and over the windshield and windows goes a layer of Ceramic Pro Light, a super hydrophobic formula that sheds water and leaves the car looking shiny and new even with infrequent washes. With multiple coats of Ceramic Pro 9H supported by occasional reapplication of Ceramic Pro Light (we recommend annual use of this top coat) your car, truck, or SUV will enjoy decades of protection against aesthetic damage.

Your Trusted Orlando Florida Ceramic Pro 9H Installers

Ceramic Pro 9H is the standard setter when it comes to protective automotive coating products. Its name is derived from the hardness scale used to rate minerals, a scale on which only a diamond gets a 10. 9H, to put it simply, means this is one seriously tough, scratch-resistant material. When your vehicle is coated with Ceramic Pro 9H, it will be ready to withstand all sorts of potential sources of damage, from scratches and minor dents caused by bouncing bits of asphalt to the slow and steady damage inflicted on vehicle exteriors by the often extreme weather in Florida. Ceramic Pro 9H can be used to protect all sorts of automobiles, from a fleet of livery vehicles to a private luxury car to commercial trucks and more. It helps prevent the need for future paint correction or vinyl wrap repairs and preserves both the appearance and the re-sale value of the vehicle.

Vehicle Paint Correction In Orlando FL

Window Tintz is a comprehensive auto exterior enhancement company, and thus one of the major services we offer is automobile paint correction. As Ceramic Pro creates a permanent coating on the exterior of your vehicle, it’s important that we ensure your car looks great before applying the coating. Our paint correction process involves everything from removing swirls to restoring faded or discolored patches to fixing scratches to smoothing out dents. We can also repair or replace damaged vinyl color wrap. We guarantee that our paint correction process will leave your car looking ready for the showroom, so that once we coat it with Ceramic Pro, we lock in those great looks for years to come. Getting paint correction in Orlando Florida need not put a strain on your budget when you work with Window Tintz, and once the car’s exterior is restored and then protected with Ceramic Pro, you will never need a new paint of vinyl wrap job again.