In case you’re not in the know when it comes to the more popular automotive YouTube vloggers of the day, Salomondrin is one of the names you need to learn. His videos attract hundreds of thousands of views (a quarter of a million is a standard amount, in fact) and his YouTube channel has more than 635,000 subscribers as of the time of this writing. He’s likely slated for a million soon enough, if he keeps of the current velocity.

Who is Alejandro Salomondrin? Well, the short story is that he’s a native of Mexico City who was born in 1984 and moved to America shortly before age 20. He worked in film and TV but finally found his calling by blending his media savvy with his passion for all things automotive. Like many young men and women of our time, Mr. Salomondrin essentially turned himself into a brand/character and has turned his life into entertainment which he shares with his hundreds of thousands of fans (and millions of people in the wider online audience) via regular Tweets, posts, updates, and, of course, videos.

Salomondrin’s media is colored by irreverent humor, an energetic attitude, and a clear passion for vehicles. If you don’t mind a fair amount of cursing and you love seeing amazing cars, then you’re probably want to start paying attention to this guy and his crew. They regularly climb behind the wheel of Jaguars, Lamborghinis, MacLarens, and more.

But the recent video that caught my attention doesn’t show Alejandro Salomondrin burning up the road in an Italian supercar or in a British luxury vehicle, but in a BMW. Now I know that many people might find a Bimmer less than scintillating. Some even think them boring. And yes, your friend’s mom’s 2003 5 Series is kind of boring, frankly. But that’s not what this guy drove. No…

What we have here is a video of Salomondrin driving the BMW M3 CRT.

What’s that you say? You’ve never even heard of a BMW M3 CRT, much less seen one? That’s not a surprise; the company made fewer than 70 of these cars, which sell for around $300,000 each. In fact the exact number is 67 M3 CRTs made, and a handful of those were right hand drive, so that’s even fewer of these unique cars that were fit for the American roadway. But why is the M3 CRT so expensive, beyond its rarity? In a word: material.

In this context, CRT stands for Carbon Racing Technology. This limited line of M3s, which were developed about half a decade ago, FYI, were made largely with carbon fiber, which greatly reduced weight while adding strength to the body. The 19-inch wheels are made of a lightweight alloy, and overall the car drops a few hundred pounds off the weight of the traditional BMW M3 sedan from which it was refined.

The seven-speed automatic BWM M3 CRT (is can also be controlled with paddle shifting) has 450 horsepower and plenty of torque, and a top speed around 180 miles per hour. It’s not the fastest car ever made, but it’s agile and quick when a great driver is at the wheel, and as far as BMWs go, it’s gorgeous to look at. Actually, let’s drop the qualifier: this is a great looking car objectively, whether you consider the BMW brand name a badge of honor or you think the company gets too much street cred, as it were.

While it’s not likely that you’ll see on of these rare sedans outside of videos giddily posted to social media, it is easy to spot a BMW M3 CRT out there on the road should you happen to pass one; every single of the 67 M3 CRTs released were painted in a color called “Frozen Polar Silver” and feature “Melbourne Red” accents on various parts of the car. You’ll see the colors in this video, in which Alejandro Salomondrin and his boys certainly seem to enjoy their time driving around in this super rare BMW M3 CRT, which they seem plenty proud to show off.

Now, just in case you didn’t watch that entire 19 minute video (or you’re not planning on doing so), skip to about the nine minute mark to see Salomondrin and his buddies finally start to actually drive the car in question. And for the record, you’re probably going to be jealous. The sound of the engine alone is enough to excite, but those of us hearing said throaty roar through the speakers of a smartphone or laptop instead of from the hood in front of us are in for a tease.

And here’s a bonus for you: remember how we wrote about the new wrap Spencer Berke (better known as @thatphotographer across various social media channels and platforms) got for his BMW M3 a few days back? The hard to miss bright orange color wrap? Well, Berke and his handsome orange car show up in this video. Jump to about the 17:30 mark to see this “chance” meet up for fellow car guys. Because there’s no way this was staged or pre-planned, these guys definitely just happened to drive past each other while the cameras were rolling.

Not that I mind a little staged meeting between these lovable gear heads. After all, Salomondrin and his buddies praised the color wrap of Berke’s M3, and that wrap just happened to be installed by WindowTintz! In case you missed that tinting job, well, it looked something like this: